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Benefit Bargaining Checklist

 (A)  Health Care and Dental Insurance

►    Does coverage include all workers (full-time and part-time)

 ►    If part-time workers receive pay in lieu of benefits, are there protections in place to ensure the continuation of lieu pay on leaves of absence such as pregnancy/parental leave?

 ►    Does the employer pay the full premium?

 ►    Is there a no-deductible feature?

 ►    Does coverage continue during layoffs and for the full duration of disability leaves (including WSIB)?

 ►    Does coverage continue for spouse and dependents on the death of the worker?

 ►    Is there direct billing for the service to the carrier (i.e. drug card)?

 ►    Does the plan cover all de-listed provincial services?

 ►    Are there limited number of ineligible expenses?

 ►    Do extended healthcare services include: Ambulance, Vision care, Hearing aids, Appliances, Drugs, Paramedical services, Out-of-country travel insurance, etc.?

►    Do dental services include: Diagnostic, Surgical, Endodontic, Periodontics, Preventative care, Orthodontics, Dentures, Prosthetics, Crowns and Bridges, Current dental fee schedule, etc.?


(B) Group Life Insurance

►    Are all full-time and part-time workers eligible for coverage?

►    Does coverage start immediately?

►    Is the premium waived while on long-term disability?

►    Is the life insurance benefit carved out of the pension entitlement?

►    Is there a continuation of coverage on layoffs?

►    Does the employer pay the entire premium?

►    Does the beneficiary receive a monthly benefit payment?


( C )   Accidental Death & Dismemberment

 ►    Does the A.D & D plan cover: Hemiplegia, Paraplegia and Quadriplegia, Rehabilitation expenses, Repatriation, Family transportation expenses and accommodation, Dependent education expenses, Spousal occupational training expenses, etc.?


(D)  Short-term Disability

 ►    Does coverage begin immediately upon accident, hospitalization, in-patient surgery and upon entry into a shelter?

 ►    Does coverage begin within at least three days of absence for sickness?

 ►    Is there clear language stating that Short-term Disability benefits continue for the health-related portion of a pregnancy leave?

 ►    Is there a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) plan? Is it adequately funded?

 ►    Is there a Disability Dispute Resolution process outlined in the collective agreement?

 ►    Does the agreement include accrual of pension credits for full duration of sick leave?

 ►    Is there a provision for eligible transfer from Sickness and Accident (S&A) to Long-term Disability benefits (LTD) in the event of plan termination?


(E) Long-term Disability

►    Does coverage starts when sick leave is exhausted?

►    Does the employee accrue pension credits for full duration of disability leave?

►    Do active employee benefits continue for the full duration of disability leave?

►    Is it 100% employer-paid?

►    Does the agreement include cost-of-living protection for benefits?

►    Is there a rehabilitation program?

►    Do you have a disability dispute resolution process outlined in the agreement?

►    Is denial of claims grievable?

►    Is the CPP disability offset restricted to disability benefit payment to employee (excluding dependent CPP payments)

 ►    Is the definition of disability linked to “own occupation” for first two years and thereafter any occupation with the employer in the same facility?


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