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Administration of Benefit Plans (Group Insurance and Health Care Benefits)

1)   The Employer will be responsible for managing and administering the health and welfare benefit plans. 

2)   The Benefit Plan documents in effect at the date of the ratification of the current Collective Agreement shall be signed by both Parties to attest to their authenticity.

3)   The Employer will not change any of the benefits in the current Benefit Plans during the life of the CBA without the agreement of the Union.

4)   The Employer will provide the union with regular reports on the usage and the cost of providing and administering the benefit plans. The reports may be written and/or presentations at joint Union-Employer meetings.

Terms for a new carrier

5)   The Employer has expressed interest in contracting a new carrier to provide employee benefits.  The Union agrees to a change in carriers with the following conditions:

a)   The Employer will seek quotes from carriers, including Green Shield Canada. The Employer and the Union will review the presentations and costing quotes from the carriers who bid on the Employer benefit plans before a final determination is made on a carrier. 

b)   TheEmployer will ultimately decide on carriers and give the Union three (3) months written notice of the change in carrier.

c)   The benefit plans with any new carrier will mirror (and possibly exceed) the current benefit plan provisions and practices.  Individual employees will not see a reduction in their benefit coverage.

d)   In changing carriers, there may be some differences in the provision of benefits which, while not substantive, could adversely affect some employees.  The Employer and the Union will review such situations on a case by case basis and seek a resolve to prevent an adverse effect to the employee.  A resolve might include temporary maintenance of the old plan provision.

e)   A copy of the full benefit plans and any related contracts with the new carrier will be provided to the Union.


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