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Locals are at the core of our Union. When Unifor was formed in 2013, we made strengthening our local unions a priority. A necessary step to develop a strong, dynamic, and democratic Union. A necessary step to win the social, political, and economic changes we want to see in our workplaces and communities.

To accomplish this task, Unifor established the Local Union Task Force (LUTF) – a unionwide initiative that aimed to engage local unions, assess members’ needs and develop recommendations on how to increase member participation, develop grassroots activists, and strengthen local unions across the country.

To support the work of the LUTF, Unifor launched an online survey, and held 49 town hall meetings across the country. Detailed information was gathered about the needs and challenges facing our local unions. In addition, local union participants shared their successes and best practice strategies. Nearly 2,000 members from 350 locals across Canada participated in these town hall discussions.

The Task Force compiled and analyzed the information gathered over a 10-month period and produced a report entitled “Building Stronger Local Unions Together” (available at unifor.org/lutf).

The report contained 28 recommendations and an action plan focused on building stronger local unions. The report was presented and adopted at the 2016 Unifor Convention.

During our consultations, we heard about the challenges facing our locals, in particular small single unit local unions. In response, many local union leaders and members highlighted the need for enhanced resource sharing and collaboration among local unions. Members spoke and the task force listened.

This document will focus one of the three key areas identified by the LUTF. There are more resources available to support local unions, please visit unifor.org/resources to find more reference tools.

With this document, our intent is to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for local unions to better collaborate and share resources. Where this objective is best achieved through mergers, we encourage local unions to do so.


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