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The President is the principal spokesperson and leader of the Local Union.  They work to protect and advance the interests of the Local Union.  They coordinate the efforts of the Local Union Executive Board and membership, in order to achieve the objectives of the Union.

The President:

  • Plans and chairs all Local Union meetings
  • Enforces the Constitution
  • Appoints committees that aren’t explicitly provided for in the Constitution
  • Signs all requisitions for expenditures authorized by the Local Union
  • Countersigns all cheques issued by the Secretary Treasurer
  • Is an ‘ex-officio’ member of all committees (with the exception of the election committee)
  • Appoints a Local Union Organizing Liaison

In addition, the president, or the president’s nominee, is kept informed of all grievances and may be involved in taking grievances to a higher level of the union – if not satisfactorily settled.

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