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The local union Vice-President:

  • Assists the President in their duties, acting as their right hand person.
  • Attends all Local Union meetings
  • Performs whatever duties are assigned by the local, the executive or the president;
  • Assumes presidency if president’s office becomes or if the president is temporarily unable to serve;

In some locals the Vice-President:

  • Is responsible for assisting and coordinating work of the committee chairs
  • Chairs the Organizing Committee or another major committee
  • Serves as ex-officio members of several committees
  • Occasionally chairs membership meetings

Vice-Presidents need to be thoroughly familiar with the job of the president, so that they can serve with 100 percent efficiency if the president’s is absent, or if the office should become vacant for any reason.    In larger locals more than one Vice-President,   the Local Union will determine which VP assumes the duties of the President in case of absence/vacancy.

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