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Return to Work Procedures:

(name of company/employer….) will make every reasonable effort to accommodate employees coming within the scope of this agreement with suitable alternate, temporary or permanent employment, by reviewing, and if necessary, modifying their regular duties.

 In order to accommodate a disabled employee the following shall apply in the order listed below: 

  • First, the disabled employee’s present position will be considered for modification.  The goal will be to bring the injured/ill worker back to the essential duties of their pre-injury job.
  • Second, the essential duties of positions within the disabled employee’s classification, will be considered.
  • Third, the essential duties of positions within the bargaining unit will be considered.
  •  Fourth, subject to the collective agreement, creating a job by cobbling functions, will be considered.

 The JRTWC will be responsible for developing a Return to Work Plan based on the above criteria.

 The Return to Work Plan should be based on, and tailored to, the individual workers’ needs.  The Return to Work Plan should not be an arbitrary mould and should extend to the time required to benefit of the injured worker. 

 The job that the worker returns to should help the worker get better.  It should be offered at the time at which the worker is ready for, and will benefit, from it.  It should be constructive and rehabilitative and it should assist the worker in re-integrating into the work force.  The program should be consistent with the collective agreement and not impose any arbitrary or unnecessary restrictions such as permitting no overtime for the employee.  The worker should suffer no wage loss as a result of accommodation.

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