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Weekend Worker Program

This model article on weekend workers is from a Unifor auto parts agreement but there are many other variations of weekend worker language.

 Article 25.1            Hours of Work:

The following will be designated hours of work for the designated shifts.

 Article 25.1.2         Saturday-Sunday 2 – 12 hour shifts which will include 3 B 15 minute paid breaks and 1 – 20 minute paid lunch.

 25.1.3                      Shift time will be as follows:

 Night Shift: Friday midnight 2400 hrs.

Saturday noon 1200 hrs.

 Day Shift:   Saturday noon 1200 hrs.

Saturday midnight 2400 hrs.

 Night Shift: Saturday midnight 2400 hrs.

Sunday noon 1200 hrs.

 Day Shift:   Sunday noon 1200 hrs.

Sunday midnight 2400 hrs.

 25.2                        PAY

 25.2.1                      For the 12 hour weekend worker, pay will be base rate pay plus COLA for all hours paid.  There will be no premium pay after 8 hours worked in a day.

 25.2.2                     COLA for weekend worker will be paid for 40 hours straight time hours less any hours not worked on their scheduled shift.

 25.2.3                     Twenty (20) hours pay per shift worked (i.e. forty [40] hours pay per weekend).

 25.2.4                     Shift premium will be governed by the majority of hours worked.

 25.2.5                     Pay period for 12 hour shift worker will be the standard pay period which is Friday to Thursday.

 25.3                        Temporary Layoffs

 25.3.1                      Seniority shall not be exercised outside the employee=s department in the case of a temporary layoff, which shall be defined as not exceeding two (2) working days.  One (1) day will equal 12 hours for a 12 hour weekend worker.

 24.4                        Union Representation

 25.4.1                      The Employer will recognize an alternate union representative for the 12 hour weekend worker.

 25.5                        Vacation and Vacation Pay

 25.5.1                      1.  Vacation pay will be calculated for gross earnings for hours paid.

 25.5.2                     2.  One (1) weekend, twenty-four (24) hours, equals one (1) week vacation with pay.

 25.6                        Jury Duty

 25.6.1                      If pay is lost for jury duty then the Employer will make up lost pay for all regular hours paid, i.e. regular pay if applicable.

 25.7                        Bereavement Pay

 25.7.1                      For a 12 hour weekend worker if the 3 day leave involves a regular scheduled work day then the Employer will pay the normal pay rate on the Saturday or Sunday involved immediately following the date of death.  Such paid bereavement leave as described above is only payable where the employee would otherwise be at work during this period.

 25.8                        Weekly Indemnity / LTD

Revert the plan to recognize for the 12 hour weekend worker hours of work paid instead of days worked, i.e. Saturday 12-hour shift represents 20 hours and 2.4 hours into the next 12 hour shift will qualify them for 4th day illness.  First day accident, hospitalization is the first day of the 12 hour shift absent.

 25.9                        Pension Plan

 25.9.1                      Hours for 12 hour weekend worker will be calculated as hours paid instead of hours worked.

 25.10                       Report-in Pay

 25.10.1                    Report in pay will be 6 hours at the normal pay rate reference Article 15.2.3.

 25.11                        Employees who receive a one (1) day disciplinary suspension will be only disciplined for 4.8 hours and will have the opportunity of attending work for the balance or prior to their respective shift.  Employees who decide to attend work after their 4.8 hours suspension will not be eligible for report in pay.

 25.12                       Overtime

 25.12.1                    Weekday overtime will be first offered to the 8 hour shift employees by classification and any remaining opportunities will be offered to the 12 hour shift weekend worker through overtime equalization agreement.  This arrangement must not result in an employee working more than 12 consecutive hours or having less than 8 hours between shifts.

 25.13                       Paid Education Leave

 25.13.1                    For the purposes of calculating Paid Education Leave Fund, the assessment for the twelve (12) hour weekend worker will be based upon hours paid.  If a twelve (12) hour weekend worker works overtime, the assessment will be on hours worked.

 25.14                       Probationary Period

 25.14.1                    For determination of the Probationary Period for a weekend worker, a weekend worked will be the equivalent of five (5) days.

 25.15                       Plant Holidays

 25.15.1                    A weekend not worked is equivalent to five (5) holidays.  Any balance of negotiated holidays will be paid based upon eight (8) hours at the normal pay per holiday.

 25.16                       Weekend Vacancies

 25.16.1                    Whenever a vacancy occurs on a weekend shift, it will be filled by an internal posting procedure from within the Bargaining Unit by Weekday workers in the same classification, by seniority.

 Any subsequent vacancy(s) will be posted and filled in Accordance with Article 14 of the Collective Agreement.

 25.16.2                   Employees reduced from the Weekend Worker shift prior to being on weekend shift for a six (6) month period will return to their previous job within their previous department.

 25.16.3                   Employees who are involuntarily transferred from a weekend shift to a weekday shift due to the reduction of weekend requirements will have sixty (60) working days rights to a weekend shift, provided the employee had enough seniority to remain in the classification.

 In all cases, transfer to a Weekend Worker schedule will be voluntary.


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