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Model Women’s Advocate Contract Language

  • The parties recognize that employees may sometimes need to discuss with another woman matters such as violence or abuse at home or workplace harassment.  They may also need to find out about specialized resources in the community such as counselors or women’s shelters to assist them in dealing with these and other issues. For this reason the parties agree to recognize the role of Women’s Advocate in the workplace. The Women’s Advocate will be determined by the Union from amongst the bargaining unit employees who identify as women. The Advocate will meet with employees of all genders as required, discuss problems with them and refer them to the appropriate agency when necessary.
  • The Employer agrees to provide access to a confidential phone line and voice mail that can be maintained by the Women’s Advocate and that is accessible for employees to contact the Women’s Advocate.  As well, the Company will provide access to a private office so that confidentiality can be maintained when an employee is meeting with the Women’s Advocate. The Employer and the Union will develop appropriate communications to inform employees about the role of the Women’s Advocate including providing contact information to reach the Women’s Advocate. The Employer will also assign a management support person to assist the Advocate in her role.
  • The Women’s Advocate will participate in an initial 40 hour basic training program and an annual three (3) day update training program delivered by the Unifor National Women’s Department. The Employer agrees to pay for lost time, including travel time, registration costs, lodging, transportation, meals and other reasonable expenses where necessary.

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